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Wildt, D; Hauer, C; Habersack, H; Tritthart, M.
(2022): LES two-phase modelling of suspended sediment transport using a two-way coupled Euler-Lagrange approach
ADV WATER RESOUR. 2022; 160, 104095 FullText FullText_BOKU

Sediment plume development was modelled using an Euler-Lagrangian two-way coupled large eddy simulation. Momentum exchange was calculated based on interaction forces in the Maxey-Riley equation. Validation showed good agreement with experimental data from literature. For analysis of interaction between sediment and fluid 6,859 particles were released into turbulent fluid flow. In order to ensure independence of the results from arbitrary turbulent velocity fluctuations in the initial fluid velocity field, 41 simulations of the test case starting from different initial flow fields were analysed. Results of these simulations are normally distributed. Mean values indicate three phases of the development of the sediment plume: (i) acceleration phase, (ii) transport phase and (iii) deposition phase. Significant slow down of fluid flow and particle sorting turned out to be relevant processes in the initial development of the sediment plume which are not accounted for in one-way coupled models.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Habersack Helmut
Hauer Christoph
Tritthart Michael
Wildt Daniel

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Computational fluid dynamics
Large-eddy simulation
Lagrangian particle tracking
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