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Doldi, M.-L., Vollmann, J., Lelley, T..
(1997): Genetic diversity in soybean as determined by RAPD and microsatellite analysis.
Plant Breeding, 116, 331-335

The random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) and microsatellite techniques were used to evaluate the genetic diversity among 18 soybean genotypes selected for a breeding programme to increase the protein content of varieties adapted for central European growing conditions. Out of 33 random primers used in RAPD reactions, only 12 showed polymorphism useful for characterization of these genotypes. In contrast, all 12 microsatellite primer pairs used in this study detected polymorphism with 2-6 alleles per locus. Similarity measures and cluster analysis were made using RAPD and simple sequence repeat (SSR) data, separately and together. The resulting dendrograms were compared with each other and with the available pedigree information as a control. The dendrogram derived from RAPD data showed some divergence from the pedigree information available for the lines. The dendrograms based on SSR data and SSR data combined with RAPD gave very good agreement with pedigree information. It can be concluded that the combined use of a limited number of RAPD and SSR markers is a useful and reliable means of evaluating genetic relationships of genotypes in the absence of pedigree data.
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Lelley Tamas
Vollmann Johann
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