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Hauer C., Habersack H., Schmutz S., Unfer G., Maierhofer K., Novak I..
(2004): The effects of morphodynamic processes on the habitat quality of the rheophilous cyprinid nase (Chondrostoma nasus) in a restored Austrian lowland river
In: Diego Garcia de Jalon & Pilar Vizcaino Martinez: Fifth International Symposium on Ecohydraulics, 12.09.2004-17.09.2004, Madrid; Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Ecohydraulics - Aquatic Habitats: Analysis and Restoration, 2, 798-802; IAHR, Madrid; ISBN 90-805649-7-4

Authors BOKU Wien:
Habersack Helmut
Hauer Christoph
Schmutz Stefan
Unfer G√ľnther

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