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Hoch, G., Netherer, S., Pennerstorfer, J., Baier, P., Battisti, A., Schopf, A..
(2005): Range Expansion of the Pine Processionary Moth in Europe II: Activity and survival of Thaumetopoea pityocampa during the winter months in an Alpine valley
In: Gottschalk, K.W.: 16th USDA Interagency Research Forum on Gypsy Moth and other Invasive Species, Jan. 18-21, 2005, Annapolis, MD, USA; USDA-FS General Technical Report, NE-337, 42; USDA Forest Service, Newtown Square, PA

Authors BOKU Wien:
Baier Peter
Hoch Gernot
Netherer Sigrid
Pennerstorfer Josef
Schopf Axel

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