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Habersack, HM; Laronne, JB.
(2002): Evaluation and improvement of bed load discharge formulas based on Helley-Smith sampling in an alpine gravel bed river
J HYDRAUL ENG-ASCE. 2002; 128(5): 484-499. FullText FullText_BOKU

Bed load discharge formulas have been evaluated by analyzing them in relation to measured Helley-Smith data for the gravel-bedded armored Drau River, Austria. Comparison of calculations with measurements leads to ranking of the formulas that depends on the evaluation parameters. The choice of formula is made with respect to our specific aims: the investigation of individual floods requires a different approach from that of long-term budgets. Formula performance is consistently improved when conditions for the threshold of motion are modified according to data measured up on the initiation of motion. Formulas such as those reported by Parker in 1990, Zanke in 1999, and Sun and Donahue in 2000 are capable of coping with partial transport, which is commonly found in Alpine rivers. These formulas therefore provide encouraging results, particularly after the introduction of modifications. The augmentation of field measurements, even if limited in scope, considerably improves the performance of bed load discharge formulas.
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Habersack Helmut

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