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Weiss, F; Schmid, E; Eder, M.
(2003): RAALSA: A regionalised agricultural sector model for estimation of structural change in the Austrian Alps
BER LANDWIRT. 2003; 81(1): 74-91.

In the course of the research project RAALSA we tried to develop a concept for a sector model, which could simulate income-effects of price changes or political measures at the farm and regional level, and estimate structural change endogenously. The concept was then applied for the territory of the Austrian Alps. The model is based on typical farms and weight-vectors, which create a virtual farm structure. This virtual farm structure is supposed to give a good representation of the actual farm structure in the territory. We estimate typical farm incomes with linear programs, and from these incomes we derive changes in the weight-vectors by implementing the results of an inquiry. These adjustments in the weight-vectors finally allow us to make some statements on structural changes.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Eder Michael
Schmid Erwin

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