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Stark, J; Klementschitz, R.
(2008): Off-Street Parking Regulations for Shopping Facilities: Potential Impacts and Scope of Implementation
J URBAN PLAN DEV-ASCE. 2008; 134(4): 173-179. FullText FullText_BOKU

Curbing continuing car traffic growth in urban areas is often considered to be a role for urban political leaders. Some legal, financial, and organizational instruments to counteract car traffic have been approved in many European cities. Regulations concerning the off-street parking of cars are quite new, but they also could make a contribution to a reduction in car traffic. These regulations could include high obligatory parking costs for private off-street car parks that attract urban shopping centers. This paper will show the effectiveness and acceptance of such "new" instruments based on results of a stated preference survey, as well as give recommendations for the implementation of results of an efficiency analysis conducted for the areas of Vienna, Niederoesterreich, and Burgenland in Austria. The conclusions of this research will also be relevant for ongoing discussions about the implementation of off-street parking regulations and their contribution to a reduction in private car traffic outside of the study area.
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Klementschitz Roman
Stark Juliane
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