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Sporr, T; Schuller, E; Keppel, H; Spornberger, A.
(2014): Mapping of regionally typical old cherry cultivars in the gourmet region 'Genussregion Leithaberger Edelkirsche'
MITT KLOSTERNEUBURG. 2014; 64(2): 82-95.

High-stem (standard) cherry trees characterize the Leithaberg region on the western shore of Lake Neusiedl, and are very important with respect to landscape, tourism and ecology as well. Nevertheless, they are at great risk because traditional table fruit production is no longer economical. In 2012, the existing extensively cultivated, high-stem cherry trees were investigated in the region to ensure the preservation of the remaining interesting old cultivars. The studies included descriptions of trees and fruit as well as laboratory tests and also an identification of the cultivar by means of literature. The descriptors used for this purpose are presented in detail. The handbook on descriptors by SZALATNAY (2006) facilitated accurate fruit descriptions. The results are the basis for a further preservation of regional cherry cultivars, thus allowing the re-cultivation of selected cultivars
Authors BOKU Wien:
Schüller Elisabeth
Spornberger Andreas

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