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Plenk, K; Bardy, K; Höhn, M; Thiv, M; Kropf, M.
(2015): Genetic variation of steppe plants in Central Europe - a comparative analysis of four steppe species based on AFLPs and cpDNA sequence data
In: Gavin, D; Beierkuhnlein, C; Holzheu, S; Thies, B; Faller, K; Gillespie, R; Hortal, J (Eds.), Conference program and abstracts. International Biogeography Society 7th Biennial Meeting. 8-12 January 2015, Bayreuth, Germany. Frontiers of Biogeography Vol. 6, suppl. 1, p. 178-179.

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Bardy Katharina
Kropf Matthias
Plenk Kristina
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