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Zaba, C; Ritz, S; Tan, CW; Zayni, S; Müller, M; Reuning, U; Sinner, EK; .
(2015): Functional Cell Adhesion Receptors (Integrins) in Polymeric Architectures.
Chembiochem. 2015; 16(12):1740-1743 FullText FullText_BOKU

Integrins, as transmembrane heterodimeric receptors, have important functions in cell adhesion, migration, proliferation, survival apoptosis and signal transduction, in many physio- as well as pathophysiological settings. Characterisation of integrins and their ligand/antagonist binding is notoriously difficult, due to high integrin redundancy and ubiquity. Bypassing the intrinsic difficulties of cell-based integrin expression, purification and reconstitution, we present for the first time the synthesis of a heterodimeric integrin receptor and its assembly into a block-copolymeric membrane mimic. We present comprehensive data to demonstrate the synthesis of functionally active integrin alpha(v)beta(3), generated by in vitro membrane-assisted protein synthesis (iMAPS). This work represents the first step towards a robust and adaptable polymer-based platform for characterisation of integrin-ligand interactions.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Ehmoser Eva-Kathrin
Tan Cherng-Wen Darren
Zaba Christoph
Zayni Sonja

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