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Susanne Siebenhandl-Ehn, Mathias Kinner, Loredana F. Leopold, Mara B. Poppernitsch, Michael Prückler, Philipp Wurbs, Sabine Poisinger, Elisabeth Kalas, Emmerich Berghofer, Heinrich Grausgruber .
(2011): Hulless Barley – A Rediscovered Source for Functional Foods Phytochemical Profile and Soluble Dietary Fibre Content in Naked Barley Varieties and Their Antioxidant Properties, Phytochemicals
In: Iraj Rasooli , Bioactivities and Impact on Health, 269-291; InTech, Rejika, Croatia; ISBN 978-953-307-424-5

Authors BOKU Wien:
Berghofer Emmerich
Grausgruber Heinrich
Kinner Mathias
Prückler Michael
Siebenhandl-Ehn Susanne
Wurbs Philipp

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