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Gronauer, A; Depta, G; Stegbauer, B; Neser, S; Becher, SC; Stanzel, H; Schon, H.
(1998): Emission rate analysis of agricultural sources with Fourier transform infrared (FTIR-) spectroscopy
AGRIBIOL RES. 1998; 51(1): 13-25.

A literature review shows the insufficient knowledge of the share of agriculture to the manmade emission of greenhouse or pollutant gases in Germany. This mainly is due to the difficulties in measuring the often diffuse agricultural source types. With FTIR spectroscopy a technique for concentration analyses is introduced that, together with appropriate methods to determine the volume flow, can be used for nearly all source types. Examples cover the use at point sources (different housing systems for laying hens) and at diffuse sources (comparison of slurry application techniques by their NH3 emission). This article is based on a presentation of GRONAUER et al. (1997) in the section "sources and sinks" of the 109(th) VDLUFA congress in Leipzig, 1997.
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Gronauer Andreas

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