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Schafer, K; Steinecke, I; Emeis, S; Stockhause, M; Sussmann, R; Trickl, T; Reitebuch, O; Hoech-Stetter, K; Sedlmaier, A; Depta, G; Gronauer, A; Seedorf, J; Hartung, J.
(1998): Inverse modelling on the basis of remote sensing to determine emission rates
METEOROL Z. 1998; 7(1): 7-10.

Inverse modelling with a Gaussian dispersion model is used to determine emission rates of diffuse sources. The path-integrated gaseous concentrations of an exhaust are measured downwind of the source by FTIR absorption spectroscopy. Results of emission investigations from slurry spreading and a livestock building are discussed.
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Gronauer Andreas

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