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Sato, T; Zahlner, V; Berghofer, E; Losak, T; Vollmann, J.
(2012): Near-infrared reflectance calibrations for determining sucrose content in soybean breeding using artificial reference samples
PLANT BREEDING. 2012; 131(4): 531-534. FullText FullText_BOKU

With 3 figures and 1 table Abstract In food-grade soybeans for human nutrition, sucrose content is a character of interest apart from protein, because sucrose affects flavour and other soy-food properties. As determination of sucrose content through separative or enzymatic methods is not suitable for analysing large numbers of samples, the objective of this research was to develop near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) calibrations for rapid screening of breeding lines for sucrose. Conventional soybean samples have a sucrose content of 3060 g/kg, whereas high-sucrose reference samples are lacking. Therefore, both natural and artificial (additional sucrose added) reference samples with a sucrose content of up to 140 g/kg were combined, and a NIRS calibration model was developed (cross-validation R2 = 0.969) for sucrose. Utilizing wavelength ranges with homogeneous performance in both natural and artificial samples, a prediction model was obtained, which suggests a stable performance of the calibration over a wide range of sucrose concentrations. Thus, identification of high-sucrose soybean introgressions should be possible in appropriate segregating populations.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Berghofer Emmerich
Frank Viola
Vollmann Johann

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