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Selected Publication:

Kromp, W. Lahodynsky, R., Neuhuber, G..
(2006): Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology and Alternative Energy Potential. In:Knoflacher, M., ARCS (coordinator): "SUCCESS", Sustainable Users Concepts for China Engaging Scientific Scenarios, a Sino-European Study on Sustainability in 7 Chinese Settlements, 2002-2005
European Commission, Project "SUCCESS", Sustainable Users Concepts for China, EU 5th FP, INCO 2, project ICA4-CT-2002-10007, 17 participants, Budget:1,812 Mill Euro; presented at BOKU: Chinese Villages and their Sustainable Future, international Symposium at the University of Life Sciences and Natural Resources, Vienna , numerous reports

Authors BOKU Wien:
Kromp Wolfgang
Lahodynsky Roman

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