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Sumardiono, S; Fischer, J.
(2007): Molecular simulations of droplet evaporation by heat transfer
MICROFLUID NANOFLUID. 2007; 3(2): 127-140. FullText FullText_BOKU

Droplet evaporation by heat transfer is investigated by molecular dynamics simulations for a pure Lennard-Jones fluid. Two different initial conditions are treated: (1) a droplet surrounded by its vapor in equilibrium, (2) a cold droplet surrounded by warm vapor. In both cases heat is transferred from a heat bath. Results are the numbers of droplet molecules N (d) and density, drift velocity, and temperature profiles as functions of time. For the small droplets considered N (d) depends on the definition of a droplet molecule. The density profiles as function of time show a transition from a droplet with liquid-vapor interface to a cluster of interfacial type and finally to the gas state. The temperature at a given time is nearly constant within the droplets or clusters but strong gradients occur in the gas. In case of evaporation of a cold droplet surrounded by warm vapor we observed initially cooling down of the droplet corresponding to pressure jump evaporation and thereafter slower evaporation because of lower initial state vapor density.
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Fischer Johann

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