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Arpaci A., Arndt N., Lexer M.J., Matiuzzi M., Müller M., Vacik H..
(2009): Classivicaion of site and stand characteristics based on remote sensing data for the development of Fuel models within a 3D Gap forest stand model
In: Chuvieco E., Lasaponara R., Advances on Remote Sensing and GIS applications in Forest Fire Management Towards an operational use of Remote Sensing in Forest Fire Management, Published for: EARSeL, European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories, published by Il Segno, Potenza (Italy), Seite 57-62; ISBN: 978-88-904367-0-3

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Arndt Natalie Anna
Arpaci Alexander
Lexer Manfred
Mattiuzzi Matteo
Müller Mortimer
Vacik Harald
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