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Bachmann, HJ; Bucheli, TD; Dieguez-Alonso, A; Fabbri, D; Knicker, H; Schmidt, HP; Ulbricht, A; Becker, R; Buscaroli, A; Buerge, D; Cross, A; Dickinson, D; Enders, A; Esteves, VI; Evangelou, MW; Fellet, G; Friedrich, K; Gasco Guerrero, G; Glaser, B; Hanke, UM; Hanley, K; Hilber, I; Kalderis, D; Leifeld, J; Masek, O; Mumme, J; Carmona, MP; Calvelo Pereira, R; Rees, F; RombolĂ , AG; de la Rosa, JM; Sakrabani, R; Sohi, S; Soja, G; Valagussa, M; Verheijen, F; Zehetner, F; .
(2016): Toward the Standardization of Biochar Analysis: The COST Action TD1107 Interlaboratory Comparison.
J Agric Food Chem. 2016; 64(2):513-527 FullText FullText_BOKU

Biochar produced by pyrolysis of organic residues is increasingly used for soil amendment and many other applications. However, analytical methods for its physical and chemical characterization are yet far from being specifically adapted, optimized, and standardized. Therefore, COST Action TD1107 conducted an interlaboratory comparison in which 22 laboratories from 12 countries analyzed three different types of biochar for 38 physical-chemical parameters (macro- and microelements, heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, pH, electrical conductivity, and specific surface area) with their preferential methods. The data were evaluated in detail using professional interlaboratory testing software. Whereas intralaboratory repeatability was generally good or at least acceptable, interlaboratory reproducibility was mostly not (20% < mean reproducibility standard deviation < 460%). This paper contributes to better comparability of biochar data published already and provides recommendations to improve and harmonize specific methods for biochar analysis in the future.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Soja Gerhard
Zehetner Franz
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Chemistry Techniques, Analytical/instrumentation
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