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Eder, R; Arnberger, A.
(2016): How heterogeneous are adolescents' preferences for natural and semi-natural riverscapes as recreational settings?
LANDSCAPE RES, 41, 555-568; ISSN 0142-6397 FullText FullText_BOKU

Recent research has indicated that the younger generations may be disconnected from nature and even show some dislike for natural conditions. This study addressed adolescentsxxx preferences for riverscapes with varying fluvial dynamics as recreational settings. A stated choice survey with digitally calibrated river scenarios asked Austrian pupils (N=281) about their preferences for several physical and social characteristics of a floodplain landscape. Pupils perceived riverscapes with a high water dynamic as best for recreation, while water bodies with low water levels and algae, dry river sites, floods and littered trails were disliked. Heterogeneity among the pupils was found with one smaller segment preferring settings with high water dynamic and low human impact, while the larger one preferred settings with more human impact and low water dynamic. This segment that shows some dislike for natural conditions had less experience with rivers and scored lower on natural river-related attitudes and perceptions. Implications for recreational river planning and aesthetic assessments are derived.
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Arnberger Arne
Eder Renate
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