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Tello, J; Aguirrezabal, R; Hernaiz, S; Larreina, B; Montemayor, MI; Vaquero, E; Ibanez, J.
(2015): Multicultivar and multivariate study of the natural variation for grapevine bunch compactness
AUST J GRAPE WINE R. 2015; 21(2): 277-289. FullText FullText_BOKU

Background and AimsGrapevine bunch compactness is an important trait with impact on fruit quality, mainly affecting the susceptibility to bunch rot. Many and different variables have been reported to have a significant influence on the variation of bunch compactness in particular cultivars, but little is known about the role of such variables in a wider framework. The aim of this work was to identify and weight the features responsible for the natural variation in bunch compactness in a large and diverse grapevine collection. Methods and ResultsDifferent statistical tests were sequentially applied to select the determining variables most influencing bunch compactness. Significant and low correlation was obtained for most of the variables studied for three consecutive seasons, confirming the multifactorial nature of this trait. Multivariate analyses indicated that there are three groups of variables with a significant influence on bunch compactness. Two groups, represented by the total number of berries per bunch and by the length of the first ramification of the bunch, are major factors responsible for the trait variation, whereas berry dimensions have a secondary role. ConclusionsBunch compactness is defined by the difference between its morphological (apparent) volume and its actual (solid) volume. The results showed that the actual volume is mainly determined by the total number of berries, whereas the morphological volume also depends on its spatial arrangement, determined by the architecture of the rachis. Significance of the StudyThis is the first multiyear study of bunch compactness at a multicultivar level, and it has allowed the selection and weighting of the main variables affecting the trait. These variables are suitable targets to study the underlying genetics of the trait.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Tello Moro Javier

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