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Solly, EF; Djukic, I; Moiseev, PA; Andreyashkina, NI; Devi, NM; Göransson, H; Mazepa, VS; Shiyatov, SG; Trubina, MR; Schweingruber, FH; Wilmking, M; Hagedorn, F; .
(2017): Treeline advances and associated shifts in the ground vegetation alter fine root dynamics and mycelia production in the South and Polar Urals.
Oecologia. 2017; 183(2):571-586 FullText FullText_BOKU

Authors BOKU Wien:
Djukic Ika
Sanden Hans

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Treeline shifts
Ural Mountains
Fine roots
Extramatrical mycorrhizal mycelia
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