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Pintucci, C; Carballa, M; Varga, S; Sarli, J; Peng, L; Bousek, J; Pedizzi, C; Ruscalleda, M; Tarrago, E; Prat, D; Colica, G; Picavet, M; Colsen, J; Benito, O; Balaguer, M; Puig, S; Lema, JM; Colprim, J; Fuchs, W; Vlaeminck, SE.
(2017): The ManureEcoMine pilot installation: advanced integration of technologies for the management of organics and nutrients in livestock waste
WATER SCI TECHNOL. 2017; 75(6): 1281-1293. FullText FullText_BOKU

Manure represents an exquisite mining opportunity for nutrient recovery (nitrogen and phosphorus), and for their reuse as renewable fertilisers. The ManureEcoMine proposes an integrated approach of technologies, operated in a pilot- scale installation treating swine manure (83.7%) and Ecofrit (R) (16.3%), a mix of vegetable residues. Thermophilic anaerobic digestion was performed for 150 days, the final organic loading rate was 4.6 kgCOD m(-3) d(-1), with a biogas production rate of 1.4 Nm(3) m(-3) d(-1). The digester was coupled to an ammonia side- stream stripping column and a scrubbing unit for free ammonia inhibition reduction in the digester, and nitrogen recovery as ammonium sulphate. The stripped digestate was recirculated daily in the digester for 15 days (68% of the digester volume), increasing the gas production rate by 27%. Following a decanter centrifuge, the digestate liquid fraction was treated with an ultrafiltration membrane. The filtrate was fed into a struvite reactor, with a phosphorus recovery efficiency of 83% (as orthophosphate). Acidification of digestate could increment the soluble orthophosphate concentration up to four times, enhancing phosphorus enrichment in the liquid fraction and its recovery via struvite. A synergistic combination of manure processing steps was demonstrated to be technologically feasible to upgrade livestock waste into refined, concentrated fertilisers.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Bousek Johannes
Fuchs Werner

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