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Zhou, MJ; Vacik, H.
(2017): Comparisons of fuel stick moisture among forest cover types in eastern Austria
AUSTRIAN J FOR SCI, 134, 301-321; ISSN 0379-5292

The moisture of fine dead fuels in the understory is an important factor for forest fire ignition and fire propagation. Temperature and relative humidity have a direct impact on fuel moisture and are known to be influenced by solar radiation, rainfall, and wind speed, all of which vary according to vegetation characteristics. Fuel moisture sticks offer an efficient method for estimating the moisture of natural fuels. The objectives of this study are to compare fuel stick moisture content among various forest cover types and to compare the variation of the moisture content among 3 fuel-stick sizes representing 1-hour, 10-hour, and 100-hour moisture time lags across multiple seasons within 2 consecutive years. The moisture content (MC) of the fuel sticks differed between cover types and among stick sizes, between seasons within the annual cycle, and MC was negatively correlated with calculated Fine Fuel Moisture Code (FFMC) values. The recorded fuel moisture was negatively correlated with canopy openness as measured by sky fraction in the sampled plots, indicating that moisture values are expected to depend on local micro-climatic conditions.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Vacik Harald
Zhou Minjian

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