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Muhar, A; Bock, K.
(2018): Mastery over nature as a paradox: societally implemented but individually rejected
J ENVIRON PLANN MAN. 2018; 61(5-6): 994-1010. FullText FullText_BOKU

In contrast to the reality of global industrialisation, research on individual understandings of the human-nature relationship shows low acceptance of the concept of human Mastery over nature. In qualitative interviews (n = 25) we investigated how actors from river landscape management in Austria perceive this paradox. Results indicate that actors who in their professional life act in the sense of Mastery over nature often interpret their role as Stewardship. Other reasons were seen in discrepancies between (1) private and the professional life, (2) peoplexxxs vision and reality, and (3) self-reflection and reflection through others. Also social desirability bias and insufficient wording of narratives can affect results significantly. We suggest further exploration of influencing drivers in such surveys and development of tools for group-based reflection of human-nature relationships within planning and governance processes.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Böck Kerstin
Muhar Andreas

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