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Susilo, YO; Hanks, N; Ullah, M.
(2013): An exploration of shoppers travel mode choice in visiting convenience stores in the UK
TRANSPORT PLAN TECHN. 2013; 36(8): 669-684. FullText FullText_BOKU

Using data from over 2000 convenience store customers within and outside London, this paper explores how individuals access their convenience stores and how significant the influence of their socio-demographics, shopping types and trip chaining is to their mode choice in visiting the stores. Trip chaining is found to be crucial in influencing customers' mode choice and their visit frequency. The application of logit models also shows that frequent shoppers are the ones most likely to visit the stores on foot. Interestingly, the estimation results also show that the location's density, shopping types and the day of the week are not significant in influencing travel modes. Customers who live in the most deprived areas are less likely to use a private car in visiting the stores.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Susilo Yusak

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