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Liang, JY; Lu, DC; Du, XL; Wu, W; Ma, C.
(2020): Non-orthogonal elastoplastic constitutive model for sand with dilatancy
COMPUT GEOTECH. 2020; 118, 103329 FullText FullText_BOKU

A non-orthogonal elastoplastic constitutive model for sand with dilatancy is presented in the characteristic stress space. Dilatancy of sand is represented by the direction of plastic flow, which can be directly determined by applying the non-orthogonal plastic flow rule to an improved elliptic yield function. A new hardening parameter is developed to describe the contractive and dilative volume change during the shear process, which is coordinated with the non-orthogonal plastic flow direction. The combination of the non-orthogonal plastic flow rule and the proposed hardening parameter renders the proposed model with the ability to reasonably describe the stress-strain relationship of sand with dilatancy. The model performance is evaluated by comparing with the experimental data of sand under triaxial stress conditions.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Wu Wei

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Constitutive model
Non-orthogonal plastic flow rule
Hardening parameter
Characteristic stress

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