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Voglmayr, H; Beenken, L.
(2020): Linosporopsis, a new leaf-inhabiting scolecosporous genus in Xylariaceae
MYCOL PROG. 2020; 19(3): 205-222. FullText FullText_BOKU

Based on molecular phylogenetic and morphological evidence, the new genus Linosporopsis (Xylariales) is established for several species previously classified within Linospora (Diaporthales). Fresh collections of Linospora ischnotheca from dead overwintered leaves of Fagus sylvatica and of L. ochracea from dead overwintered leaves of Malus domestica, Pyrus communis, and Sorbus intermedia were isolated in pure culture, and molecular phylogenetic analyses of a multi-locus matrix of partial nuITS-LSU rDNA, RPB2 and TUB2 sequences as well as morphological investigations revealed that both species are unrelated to the diaporthalean genus Linospora, but belong to Xylariaceae sensu stricto. The new combinations Linosporopsis ischnotheca and L. ochracea are proposed, the species are described and illustrated, and their basionyms lecto- and epitypified. Linospora faginea is synonymized with L. ischnotheca. Based on similar morphology and ecology, Linospora carpini and Linospora magnagutiana from dead leaves of Carpinus betulus and Sorbus torminalis, respectively, are also combined in Linosporopsis. The four accepted species of Linosporopsis are illustrated, a key to species is provided and their ecology is discussed.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Voglmayr Hermann

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