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Pavelescu, D; Ehsani, M; Spangl, B.
(2021): The influence of yeasts and copper sulphate addition on the aroma of Riesling wines
OENO ONE. 2021; 55(2): 239-250. FullText FullText_BOKU

The influence of two yeast strains and the addition of copper sulphate on the aroma of Riesling wines was monitored. Two commercially available yeast strains, Zymaflore VL3 and X-Pure, were applied. General composition, volatile thiols, norisoprenoids, free terpenes, aroma fermentation, sulphur compounds and copper content were determined, and the sensory attributes were assessed by 22 tasters in a balanced incomplete block design (BIBD). The VL3 yeast produced a higher concentration of thiols than the X-Pure yeast. Wines treated with copper sulphate showed a higher concentration of 3MH than the wines produced without copper sulphate addition for both yeast strains. Yeast strain and copper sulphate addition both influenced the amount of beta-damascenone in Riesling wines significantly, but they showed no significant influence on the level of terpenes. Five out of eight rated sensory attributes showed significant differences. Yeast strain and copper sulphate addition were decisive factors for the sensory profile of experimental wines.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Spangl Bernhard

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