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Duncan, J; Claeys, P; Rivera-Ferre, MG; Oteros-Rozas, E; Van Dyck, B; Plank, C; Desmarais, AA.
(2021): Scholar-activists in an expanding European food sovereignty movement*
J PEASANT STUD. 2021; 48(4): 875-900. FullText FullText_BOKU

This article analyzes the roles, relations, and positions of scholar-activists in the European food sovereignty movement. In doing so, we document, make visible and question the political dimensions of researchers' participation in the movement. We argue that scholar-activists are part of the movement, but are distinct from the affected constituencies, put in place to ensure adequate representation of key movement actors. This is because scholar-activists lack a collective identity, have no processes to formulate collective demands, and no mechanisms for inter-researcher and researchers-movement communication. We reflect on whether and how scholar-activists could organize, and discuss possible pathways for a more cohesive and stronger researcher engagement in the movement.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Plank Christina

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