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Milescu, RA; Zhenova, A; Vastano, M; Gammons, R; Lin, SL; Lau, CH; Clark, JH; McElroy, CR; Pellis, A.
(2021): Polymer Chemistry Applications of Cyrene and its Derivative Cygnet 0.0 as Safer Replacements for Polar Aprotic Solvents
CHEMSUSCHEM. 2021; 14(16): 3367-3381. FullText FullText_BOKU

This study explores a binary solvent system composed of biobased Cyrene and its derivative Cygnet 0.0 for application in membrane technology and in biocatalytic synthesis of polyesters. Cygnet-Cyrene blends could represent viable replacements for toxic polar aprotic solvents. The use of a 50 wt % Cygnet-Cyrene mixture makes a practical difference in the production of flat sheet membranes by nonsolvent-induced phase separation. New polymeric membranes from cellulose acetate, polysulfone, and polyimide are manufactured by using Cyrene, Cygnet 0.0, and their blend. The resultant membranes have different morphology when the solvent/mixture and temperature of the casting solution change. Moreover, Cyrene, Cygnet 0.0, and Cygnet-Cyrene are also explored for substituting diphenyl ether for the biocatalytic synthesis of polyesters. The results indicate that Cygnet 0.0 is a very promising candidate for the enzymatic synthesis of high molecular weight polyesters.
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Pellis Alessandro

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