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Kunert, N.
(2020): Preliminary indications for diverging heat and drought sensitivities in Norway spruce and Scots pine in Central Europe
IFOREST. 2020; 13: 89-91. FullText FullText_BOKU

Massive and increasing tree mortality is currently observed in the two conifer species Norway spruce and Scots pine in Central Europe. Consecutive dry years are made responsible for this phenomenon. Leaf trait measurements, in specific leaf osmotic potential (Pi(osm)) and leaf water potential at turgor loss (Pi(tip)), indicate that the underlying mechanisms for tree mortality are most likely different between the two species. Pi(tip) of spruce was highly negative, revealing a potentially high drought tolerance of the species. Pi(tip) of Scots pine was less negative, suggesting a higher susceptibility to drought stress. I conclude that the mortality of Norway spruce might be caused by rising temperatures and that the summer temperatures in the past years were beyond the species thermal tolerance threshold. Overall, I want to highlight and enhance the discussion that the search for suitable species for a climate change adapted forest should go in both directions, i.e., species should be chosen to make the forest fit for both increasing drought and heat stress.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Kunert Norbert

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