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Orlowski, KA; Chuchala, D; Sinn, G.
(2022): Analyses of Shear Angle in Orthogonal Cutting of Pine Wood
DRVNA IND. 2022; 73(3): 309-315. FullText FullText_BOKU

The determination of energy effects for wood machining processes, such as cutting power and cutting forces, is very useful in designing of manufacture process of wooden products. A more accurate prediction of cutting forces requires a correct determination of the shear angle value, which can be determined using various models. In this article, shear angle values for an orthogonal linear cutting process of pine wood are determined. The pine wood analysed was represented by two groups of samples with different moisture content levels, 12 % and 20 %. Three different models were used to determine the shear angle values: the Merchant model, which is based on the rake angle and the angle of friction, model based on chip compression ratios and Atkins model based on material properties (elements of fracture mechanics). The values obtained have been analysed for comparison. Results showed that the values of the shearing angles determined from the chip compression ratios turned out to be higher than the values from Merchant equation. The shear angles determined from the Atkins model are, as expected, lower than those determined from the Merchant model. Furthermore, the shear angle values for moisture content of 20 % are higher than for moisture content of 12 %.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Sinn Gerhard

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