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Kumpenza, C; Pramreiter, M; Nenning, TJ; Bliem, P; Reiterer, R; Konnerth, J; Muller, U.
(2023): Temperature-related tensile modulus of polymer-based adhesive films
J ADHESION. 2023; 99(2): 259-276. FullText FullText_BOKU

Most engineered wood components and their performance are dependent on the use of adhesives. To be able to conduct simulations, a general understanding about their mechanical behaviour under different load cases and environmental conditions is needed. Especially the temperature-dependent elasticity is of great importance for future applications as automotive components. Therefore, the tensile modulus of four common polymer-based wood adhesives (i.e., one-component polyurethane, two-component polyurethane, epoxy-silan and phenol-resorcinol-formaldehyde) at varying temperatures of -30 degrees C, +20 degrees C and +80 degrees C were investigated. The aim of this study was to give fundamental insight into the elasto-mechanical behaviour of common wood adhesives. The experimental investigation showed a significant influence of the temperature on the tensile modulus. The highest tensile moduli were observed for all tested adhesives at -30 degrees C with a significant decrease with increasing temperature. Results of previous investigations confirmed this high-temperature dependency of the polymers.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Bliem Peter
Konnerth Johannes
Kumpenza Cedou
Müller Ulrich
Nenning Tobias Josef
Pramreiter Maximilian

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