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Nasseri, L; Rosenfeld, C; Solt, P; Mihalic, M; Kandelbauer, A; Konnerth, J; van Herwijnen, HWG.
(2023): Determination of the Gel Point of Formaldehyde-Based Wood Adhesives by Using a Multiwave Technique
ACS APPL POLYM MATER. 2023; 5(8): 6354-6363. FullText FullText_BOKU

Determining the instant of gelation of formaldehyde-basedwoodadhesives as an assessment parameter for their curing rate is importantfor optimizing the curing behavior. Due to the stoichiometricallyimbalanced networks of formaldehyde-based adhesives, the crossoverpoint of storage G & PRIME; and loss modulus G & DPRIME; cannot unconditionally be assumed as the gel pointin oscillatory time sweeps as the material response is frequency-dependent.This study aims to determine the gel point of selected adhesives bythe isothermal multiwave oscillatory shear test. A thorough comparisonbetween the gel and the crossover point of G & PRIME;and G & DPRIME; is performed. Rheokinetic analysisshowed no significant difference between the activation energies calculatedat the gel point determined by a multiwave test and the crossoverpoint obtained by the time sweep test. Hence, for resins with similarcuring reactions, a reliable determination of gel point by applyinga multiwave test is needed for a comparison of their reactivity.
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Konnerth Johannes

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