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PirisiI, A., Achilleos, C., Jaros, D., Noel, Y., Rohm, H..
(2000): Rheological characterisation of Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) ewe's milk cheeses.
Milchwiss., 55, 2, 257-259

A number of selected European Protected Denomination of Origin ewe's milk cheeses were analysed with respect to chemical gross composition and rheological/mechanical properties. As compared to other varieties, the Italian cheeses studied seemed to be different in their composition as they were less fat, more salted (Pecorino Romano) or more intense in proteolysis (Pecorino Sardo, Fiore Sardo). Differences in mechanical properties were high, and the cheeses proved to be a less homogeneous group. Italian cheeses and, particularly, Fiore Sardo and Pecorino Romano are represented by a rigid structure with high values of fracture stress and a less deformable cheese mass. Principal component analysis showed that rheological measures might be useful in distinguishing between different cheese varieties.
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