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Van Wyk, M., Roux, J., Barnes, I., Wingfield, B.D., Chhetri, D.B., Kirisits, T., Wingfield, M.J..
(2004): Ceratocystis bhutanensis sp. nov., associated with the bark beetle Ips schmutzenhoferi on Picea spinulosa in Bhutan
Studies in Mycology, 50, 365-379; ISSN 0166-0616

The Eastern Himalayan spruce bark beetle, Ips schmutzenhoferi, is a serious pest of Picea spinulosa and Pinus wallichiana in Bhutan. A study to identify the ophiostomatoid fungi associated with this bark beetle resulted in the isolation of a Ceratocystis sp. from L schmutzenhoferi, collected from galleries on P. spinulosa. Morphological characteristics and comparisons of DNA sequence data were used to identify this fungus. Based on morphology, the Ceratocystis sp. from Bhutan resembled C. moniliformis and C. moniliformopsis, but was distinct from these species, both in micro-morphological characteristics, growth at different temperatures, as well as in the odour that it produces in culture. Comparisons of DNA sequences for the ITS regions of the rDNA operon, -tubulin and elongation factor 1- genes, confirmed that this fungus represents a taxon distinct from all other species of Ceratocystis. Based on morphological characteristics, comparisons of DNA sequence data and its unique ecology, we provide the name C. bhutanensis sp. nov. for it.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Kirisits Thomas

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