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Davitashvili, N., Karrer, G..
(2006): Taxonomic relationships of the western Asian taxa of Gentiana sect. Pneumonanthe
BIOL J LINN SOC, 152, 197-208; ISSN 0024-4066

The taxonomic position of western Asian members of Gentiana sect. Pneumonanthe has long been a matter of conflict. In this paper, the six western Asian species currently recognized as belonging to sect. Pneumonanthe (G. boissieri, G. calycina, G. freyniana, G. gelida, G. paradoxa, and G. septemfida) are compared and their relationships established using a morphological phylogenetic analysis. Seed testa and flower and leaf morphological characters were studied and 11 characters were selected for a cladistic analysis. Euro-Siberian and Far Eastern taxa of sect. Pneumonanthe (G. pneumonanthe and G. scabra) were used as outgroups. Our results suggest the presence of two morphologically distinct clades within the western Asian gentians: a Septemfida and a Gelida clade. G. calycina and G. freyniana show close affinities to G. boissieri and G. gelida, and are distinct from G. septemfida s.l. Biogeographical aspects of the two groups are discussed. (c) 2006 The Linnean Society of London
Authors BOKU Wien:
Karrer Gerhard

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