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Frank, T., K├╝nzle, I..
(2006): Effect of early succession in wildflower areas on bug assemblages (Insecta: Heteroptera)
EUR J ENTOMOL, 103, 61-70; ISSN 1210-5759

One way of reducing the rapid decline in biological diversity in agricultural landscapes is to establish wildflower areas. The species richness and abundance of heteropteran bugs in twenty 1- to 4-year-old wildflower areas and winter wheat fields were compared, and the effects of succession in the wildflower areas investigated. Vegetation and environmental parameters (plant species richness, vegetation Structure, flower abundance, Field size, Surrounding landscape) and their effects oil bug species were explored. Total species richness and abundance of bugs were significantly lower in wheat fields than in wildflower areas but did not differ in the wildflower areas of different ages. The numbers of zoophagous bugs in the wildflower areas were positively correlated with the age of the wildflower areas. Correspondence analysis showed that the bug species composition in the winter wheat fields was very similar but strongly separated from that in the wildflower areas. The species composition of bugs in the wildflower areas became increasingly dissimilar with advancing successional age. In a partial canonical correspondence analysis, the bug assemblage was significantly associated With the number of perennial plant species, the number of annual plant species and vegetation structure, which accounted for 13.4%, 12.6% and 7.2% of the variance, respectively. As wildflower areas clearly increased heteropteran diversity on arable land and bug species composition changed with increasing Successional stage, the establishment of a mosaic of wildflower areas of different age is recommended as it enables the survival of heteropteran bugs with different life history traits.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Frank Thomas

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