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Zurbr├╝gg, C., Frank, T..
(2006): Factors influencing bug diversity (Insecta: Heteroptera) in semi-natural habitats
BIODIVERS CONSERV, 15, 275-294; ISSN 0960-3115 FullText FullText_BOKU

We investigated the abundance and species richness of heteropteran bugs and explored environmental factors which influence bug diversity in three types of semi-natural habitats (wildflower areas, extensively used meadows, extensively grazed pastures). To cover this topic, it is essential to know how much the relatively young wildflower areas contribute to biodiversity compared with well-established extensive meadows and pastures. Total bug species richness and phytophagous bug species richness were significantly higher in wildflower areas and meadows than in pastures. In wildflower areas, we found the highest number of zoophagous bug species and species overwintering in the egg-stage. Species overwintering as adults were most abundant in meadows. Total number of bug species as well as species richness in either trophic groups and overwintering strategies were significantly positively correlated with vegetation structure. Except for overwintering strategies, the same was true to bug abundance. The bug community based on the number of individuals per species was significantly explained by flower abundance and vegetation structure, accounting for 18.4 and 16.8% of the variance, respectively. Our results indicate that vegetation structure and flower abundance are key factors for bug species richness, abundance and bug species composition. Since wildflower areas and meadows clearly increased bug species richness and contained several specialised bug species that did not occur in pastures, we recommend the promotion of wildflower areas and extensively used meadows in order to restore both high heteropteran diversity and overall insect biodiversity in agricultural landscapes.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Frank Thomas

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