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Davis, GH; Balakrishnan, L; Ross, IK; Wilson, T; Galloway, SM; Lumsden, BM; Hanrahan, JP; Mullen, M; Mao, XZ; Wang, GL; Zhao, ZS; Zeng, YQ; Robinson, JJ; Mavrogenis, AP; Papachristoforou, C; Peter, C; Baumung, R; Cardyn, P; Boujenane, I; Cockett, NE; Eythorsdottir, E; Arranz, JJ; Notter, DR.
(2006): Investigation of the Booroola (FecB) and Inverdale (FecX(I)) mutations in 21 prolific breeds and strains of sheep sampled in 13 countries.
Anim Reprod Sci. 2006; 92(1-2):87-96 FullText FullText_BOKU

Twenty-one of he world's prolific sheep breed, and strains were tested for the presence of the FecB mutation of BMPR1B and the FecX(1) mutation of BMP15. The breeds studied were Romanov (2 strains), Finn (2 strains), East Friesian, Teeswater, Blueface Leicester, Hu, Han, D'Man, Chios, Mountain Sheep (three breeds), German Whiteheaded Mutton, Lleyn, Loa, Galician, Barbados Blackbelly (pure and crossbred) and St. Croix. The FecB mutation was found in two breeds, Hu and Han from China, but not in any of the other breeds. The 12 Hu sheep sampled were all homozygous carriers of FecB (FecB(B)/FecB(B)) whereas the sample of 12 Han sheep included all three genotypes (FccB(B)/TecB(B), FecB(B)/FecB(+), FecB(+)lFecB(+)) at frequencies of 0.33, 0.58 and 0.08, respectively. There was no evidence of FecX(1) in any of the breeds sampled. (c) 2005 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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Baumung Roswitha
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