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Standler, A; Koellensperger, G; Buchberger, W; Stingeder, G; Hann, S.
(2007): Determination of chloroplatinates by CE coupled to inductively coupled plasma sector field MS.
Electrophoresis. 2007; 28(19):3492-3499 FullText FullText_BOKU

In the present work the degradation of chloroplatinates emitted into the aquatic environment has been investigated in model studies. CE coupled to inductively coupled plasma sector field NIS (ICP-SFMS) was employed as an analytical method of measurement. The CE-ICP-MS interface utilized the functional rnake-up flow design with a microconcentric nebulizer. [Pt(Cl-4)](2-) and [Pt(Cl-6)(2-) were separated within 5 min. During a measurement period of 6 h an excellent reproducibility of migration times (RSD 2.3%) could be achieved. The high sensitivity of ICP-SFMS resulted in. an LOD of 80 ng/L platinum for the two compounds. External calibration using rhenium as internal standard was linear over three orders of magnitude. However, with external calibration a long-term drift of signal intensity was observed. In order to reduce the uncertainty of the obtained results, quantification of [PtCl6](2-) was performed for the first time by species-specific on-line isotope dilution MS using (194)[PtCl6](2-) as spike. The two different quantification strategies were compared in terms of their total combined uncertainty of measurement according to the EURACHEM guideline. The method was employed for monitoring the time-dependent degradation of - in water containing 0 and 2.8 mmol/L Cl- and river water. [Pt(Cl-6)](2-) and [Pt(Cl-6)(2-) [Pt(Cl-6)(2-) was stable whereas [Pt(Cl-6)](2-) showed rapid degradation following pseudo firstorder kinetics.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Hann Stephan
Köllensperger Gunda
Stingeder Gerhard Josef
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