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Grull, G; Fitl, R; Teischinger, A.
(2006): Computer modelling of steady-state moisture diffusion through wood/aluminium windows with different coatings
SURF COAT INT PT B-COAT TRANS. 2006; 89(2): 99-107. FullText FullText_BOKU

Steady-state moisture diffusion through wood/aluminium windows was simulated by using computer software utilising the finite-element-method. The water-vapour permeability of the coating was varied on different model-windows. The results showed that wood coatings can help to reduce the differences in equilibrium wood moisture between the exterior and interior sides of the wooden profiles when interior humidity stress occurs. Coatings with low permeability can promote the accumulation of moisture on the exterior side. The same, or even a better quality of protection against interior humidity stress, as with high-built coatings, can be obtained by medium-built coatings with higher permeability. An optimal moisture balance in the wooden profiles was achieved by using a low permeable coating on the interior side and a more permeable coating on the exterior side.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Teischinger Alfred

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