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Stauffer, C; Zuber, M.
(1998): Ips amitinus var. montana (Coleoptera, Scolytidae) is synonymous to Ips amitinus: a morphological, behavioural and genetic re-examination
BIOCHEM SYST ECOL. 1998; 26(2): 171-183.

In 1913, Fuchs described Ips amitinus var. montana as a race of Ips amitinus. The differences were based on the different host trees and on body size. The main hosts of I. amitinus is Picea abies and of I. amitinus var. montana are Pinus cembra and Pinus montana. Four populations of I. amitinus and two populations of I. amitinus var. montana were studied in order to evaluate evolutionary and ecological implications of this race differentiation. Morphometric and behavioural investigations were done to test the differences described by Fuchs. Cuticular hydrocarbons were screened by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and the phylogenetic relationships were tested by screening allozymes and by sequencing two regions of the mitochondrial (mt) genome. No evidence was found suggesting a distinction in two races. The breeding studies produced viable and fit progeny until the F3. The body size proved to be no clear mean for distinguishing between these two races. The cuticular hydrocarbons and the genetic data were identical. Even between geographically distant populations, no genetic divergence was detected in the mt DNA. All these data indicate that I. amitinus var. montana should be considered as synonymous to I. amitinus. (C) 1998 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.
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Stauffer Christian
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