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Ritter, F; Muhar, A; Fiebig, M.
(2010): Transdisciplinary Dialogue: Expert and Experiential Knowledge in a Discourse on Summer Mountain Tourism and Climate Change
GAIA. 2010; 19(3): 194-203.

Based on a transdisciplinary research project, we discuss how several groups of scientists and stakeholders can be integrated in different project stages The objective of our project was to discuss the need to adapt the high alpine trail network to reflect the consequences of climate change (e g, glacier retreat) To this end, we created two kinds of scenarios In several workshops, the scenarios were further developed and evaluated by regional stakeholders (e g, alpine clubs, mountain guides, local tourist boards) The workshop participants - experts, stakeholders - discussed the emerging need for action and recommendations to adapt the trail network Our case study exemplifies that scientists and stakeholders can and should play different parts in specific stages of transdisciplinary projects It is essential to manage and overcome the boundaries between the groups so that different perspectives of the research problem can be considered If this approach is successful, a more comprehensive perception and a more holistic handling of real-world problems can emerge from transdisciplinary processes
Authors BOKU Wien:
Fiebig Markus
Muhar Andreas
Ritter Florian

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