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Spanic, V; Lemmens, M; Drezner, G.
(2010): Morphological and molecular identification of Fusarium species associated with head blight on wheat in East Croatia
EUR J PLANT PATHOLOGY. 2010; 128(4): 511-516. FullText FullText_BOKU

Fusarium head blight (FHB) is an important fungal disease of wheat. The aim of this research was to determine the diversity of Fusarium species infecting winter wheat ears in East Croatia. In 2008 wheat kernels were obtained from three locations in the eastern part of Croatia (Tovarnik, Osijek, Pozega), and in 2009 from two additional locations (Slavonski Brod, Nova Gradiska). In total, 498 visually diseased kernels were selected for morphological identification of Fusarium spp. The identity of 226 selected isolates was further investigated by molecular techniques. The predominant species on wheat kernels in East Croatia in 2008 were F. graminearum, isolated and confirmed from more than 80% of sampled wheat kernels, followed by F. avenaceum (8%) and F. culmorum (7%). Incidence of F. poae was less than 2%. The most common species identified in 2009 were F. graminearum (50%), F. culmorum (13%), F. avenaceum (12%) and F. poae (7%). This is the first report on the identification of Fusarium species isolated from naturally infected wheat ears in Croatia.
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Lemmens Marc

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