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Heinl, S; Spath, K; Egger, E; Grabherr, R; .
(2011): Sequence analysis and characterization of two cryptic plasmids derived from Lactobacillus buchneri CD034.
Plasmid. 2011; 66(3):159-168 FullText FullText_BOKU

Lactobacillus buchneri is probably the most beneficial microorganism for efficient preservation of animal feed silages made from grass, maize and other plant material against aerobic spoilage. Its obligatory heterofermentative nature, acid resistance and robustness have drawn attention to this species for applications as silage starter culture as well as for genetic engineering. For the first time, two cryptic plasmids present in the same L. buchneri strain, L. buchneri CD034, were isolated, sequenced and characterized. The larger plasmid, designated pCD034-1 was found to be 3424 bp in length with a G + C content of 38.36%. The smaller plasmid, designated pCD034-2 was found to be 2707 bp in length with a G + C content of 38.60%. On both plasmids we predicted three open reading frames. On pCD034-1, ORF 1 encodes a putative replication protein which shares 99% identity with the RepA protein of a Lactobacillus plantarum derived pC194/pUB110-family plasmid. ORF 2 encodes a putative protein of unknown function. ORF 1 and ORF 2 of pCD034-2 correspond to RepA and RepB proteins similar to those of plasmid pLB4 from L plantarum. ORF 3 of both plasmids encodes a putative mobilization protein similar to that of the pediococcal plasmid pF8801. Double strand origins, putative single strand origins and typical mobilization start signals were identified. Both plasmids were shown to be maintained at relatively high plasmid copy numbers. Two shuttle vectors carrying the origins of replication of pCD034-1 and pCD034-2 were constructed and used to successfully transform two other species isolated from the same environment. Hence, we consider the two novel L. buchneri plasmids a valuable resource for the generation of shuttle and expression vectors for LAB. (C) 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Grabherr Reingard
Heinl Stefan
Spath Katharina
BOKU Gendermonitor:

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Amino Acid Sequence;Base Sequence;Gene Expression Regulation, Bacterial;Gene Order;Lactobacillus/genetics*;Molecular Sequence Data;Open Reading Frames;Plasmids/genetics*;Sequence Alignment;Sequence Analysis, DNA;Transformation, Bacterial;

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