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Schedle, K; Humer, E; Mair, C.
(2013): Alternative protein sources to soybean meal: Potentials and limitations in diets for growing-finishing pigs A review
TIERAERZTL UMSCHAU. 2013; 68(8): 336-342.

The request for reducing the dependency on imports as well as for GMO-free feeding strategies have encouraged numerous experiments to increase the degree of self-supply using alternatives to soybean meal. In addition to legumes, especially the co-products of oilseed processing and of the bio-ethanol production rank among the traditional dietary protein sources. Possible limitations for the use of plant proteins are their secondary plant constituents, some of which showing anti-nutritional properties. However; these substances could be reduced significantly due to achievements in plant breeding and feed technology. This permits higher inclusion levels of alternative protein sources. Aside from these traditional protein alternatives to soybean meal, further sources are available in the diet of pigs for fattening: animal or plant products such as insects or biomass from grassland. However, the alternative protein sources may vary in crude protein and subsequently also amino acid content as well as the digestibility thereof This should be taken into account in diet formulation.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Humer Elke
Schedle Karl
Schwarz Christiane

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