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Lawo, NC; Lawo, JP; Plenk, S; Schrank, E; Forneck, AR.
(2013): Vitis coignetiae (PULLIAT) shows partial resistance against leaf-feeding phylloxera and may serve to preserve abandoned vineyard habitats
MITT KLOSTERNEUBURG. 2013; 63(3): 132-138.

Preserving wine growing areas on steep slopes is declared a common denominator among the general public and a landscaping concept is needed. The ornamental vine Vitis coignetiae is suggested to vegetate abandoned vineyards. The propagation potential of phylloxera on V. coignetiae PULLIAT was assessed in an in vitro study comparing it with the rootstock Teleki 5C (V. berlandieri x V. riparia) and V. vinifera cv. xxxCabernet Sauvignonxxx. The results show that V. coignetiae has similar host capacities as V. vinifera for leaf-feeding phylloxera and thus may be considered a substitute pertaining to grape phylloxera resistance. The potential management of abandoned steep slopes with V. coignetiae is discussed and further arguments referring to ecological and landscaping effects are given to serve as decision-making support.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Forneck Astrid
Lawo Nora Caroline
Plenk Sabine

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