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Muellner, AE; Mascher, F; Schneider, D; Ittu, G; Toncea, I; Rolland, B; Loschenberger, F.
(2014): Refining breeding methods for organic and low-input agriculture: analysis of an international winter wheat ring test
EUPHYTICA. 2014; 199(1-2): 81-95. FullText FullText_BOKU

An increasing interest in sustainable forms of agriculture exists worldwide and the demand for varieties specifically adapted to organic and low-input agriculture is rising. As a consequence, breeding methods need to be refined accordingly. In order to get better insight into needs and possibilities with this regard, a comprehensive ring test was performed from 2006 to 2008 with 14 winter wheat varieties in 36 environments in major cropping regions of Austria, France, Romania and Switzerland. Environments were grouped into 9 different subsets according to input systems, years, and countries. Input system N0 consisted of 13 organic and 6 no-input trials; 17 trials in input system N received various levels of synthetic nitrogen. For grain yield (YLD) and protein yield (PYLD), significant G x E was detected. Countries had a stronger effect on both traits than systems. Overall, it was more efficient to select YLD and PYLD in N, for targeting both systems N and N0. For PYLD, direct testing within a given country was always more efficient than indirect selection. Many traits could be scored equally well in both systems, N and N0, but for some traits particularly important for organic agriculture, such as soil coverage, better differentiation was observed under organic conditions. Therefore, we agree with other authors that a commercially sustainable breeding program for organic and low-input agriculture should combine information from high and low-input levels and from diverse regions. Local testing of varieties, however, remains indispensable.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Müllner Almuth Elise

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