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Bernhardt, KG; Oschatz, ML; Laubhann, D; Stallegger, M; Ruscher, S; Surbock, A.
(2014): Influence of organic farming on the phytodiversity of the soil seedbank and above ground vegetation on organically managed farmland
GESUNDE PFLANZ. 2014; 66(3): 103-109. FullText FullText_BOKU

The project deals with the evaluation whether the conversion to organic farming leads to an increase of weed diversity. Additionally to the analysis of the above ground vegetation and the soil seedbank on the small permanent plots a mapping of the surrounding vegetation was conducted in 2012. The number of weed species varies highly over the years, but the inventory of species differs only slightly from the one found on the surrounding fields. The number of seeds per mA(2) is highly correlated with the number of above ground weeds species. The crop has shown the highest influence on both.
Authors BOKU Wien:
Bernhardt Karl Georg
Oschatz Marie-Louise

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